Hayden's Pharmacy

Family Owned and Serving the Youngwood and Surrounding Areas Since 1992

Covid Support

With COVID-19 pandemic a daily conversation and the lack of hand sanitizer, Ed Christofano, R.Ph. Hayden’s Pharmacy pharmacist and owner has taking approach to fixing the lack of hand sanitizer with “old school” pharmacy compounding.
With limited availability of the ingredients to compound, he has been able to secure a small amounts to prepare and pharmacy compound alcohol hand sanitizer. He prepares amounts daily to help his neighborhoods get access to alcohol based hand sanitizer solution and gel. Preparing this compound has been a difficult challenge with the supplier shortages hindered by COVID-19.
“At Hayden’s Pharmacy, we pride ourselves on customer service, convenience, and dedication to the local residents that we serve. The time is now to recognize that your neighborhood independent pharmacists and pharmacies are essential for our neighborhoods. The monopoly of Pharmacy Benefit Managers who control are controlled by the national drug store chain retailers dictating where patients can get their medications…. it has to end. Patients should be allowed to go where they want for the service level they deserve and all payments should be equal and transparent.”
Providing this compounding service he does at his costs for supplies. This is his pay forward for the community as we all unite to fight COVID-19.